This baseline report “Plight of Third-Gender:Baseline Study of Transgender Persons in Pakistan” presents the understanding level of the transgender persons of Lahore, Peshawar and Swat regarding know how about their rights and the prevailing vulnerabilities they are confronted with. It also focuses on the attitude and practices towards TGPs. This report serves as a qualitative & quantitative baseline based on questionnaires, FDGs and consultations mechanisms with transgender population associated with different industries/professions and their awareness level on the citizenry laws and HIV/Aids. The group discussions were geared towards understanding what challenges the transgender persons are facing and aspects of community life are suffering in the absence of proper mechanism of implementation of the legal rights. Local health providers, mostly young doctors, and social welfare workers were also consulted to identify the main issues which are affecting the transgender and their human rights in the target areas. The transgender shared the problems they were undergoing particularly about their income and harassment, both at working places and outside.Reed More

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